The White Puffle is a puffle in Club Penguin. They were discovered during the Puffle Party 2009 at the wilderness, and were available to be adopted March 2009. White Puffles are known for their ability to breathe ice. They are only adoptable for members. Their eyes are a bit wider than the rest of the puffles, therefore making them unique and may be related to other penguins, due to that fact that they eat their cookies like penguins and they sleep like the other puffles at some igloos, plus they were discovered in the wilderness. it was the 8th puffle to be discovered.



 *When you brush their hair, they have a headband on, making them look like a ninja.

  • They are also known to be very shy, but very friendly.
  • They can breathe icy cold air, turning anything into ice.
  • Their favorite snack is yogurt parfait
  • This puffle is really shy
  • This is smaller than other puffles


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