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Rockhopper sprites

Rockhopper's Sprite

Rockhopper is a pirate in Club Penguin. He was the penguin who brought Red Puffles to Club Pengui
180px-Rh yarr card

Rockhopper with yarr in Rockhopper's playercard

n. He lives at Rockhopper Island. On that island, there are lots of Red Puffles. Rockhopper owns a red puffle named Yarr.


Red PuffleEdit

Rockhopper discovered a new Puffle, the Red Puffle. He then introduced the Red Puffle (from Rockhopper Island) to Club Penguin so that everybody, even non-members could adopt them. He found the red puffles on Rockhopper Island.

After Puffle Party 2009Edit

Rockhopper was spotted with Yarr waddling around for the first time, after the Puffle Party 2009.
185px-Telescope yarr

Yarr with telescope