The Purple Puffle was discovered in the August of 2006. They are less known in Club Penguin than the other puffles, but, they are almost always happy and sometimes quite picky eaters. They are sometimes referred to as divas and bliss. They are more popular with girls then boys due to the colour Purple, some people think this colour is 'for' girls. They are also separated by love or hate to dance and style up. It was the 6th puffle. Cadence is have a purple puffle called Lolz.

In Game (Dance Contest) Edit

In the game the Purple Puffle will help you get points since they got moves only a professional dancer knows. Heh heh.

Toys Edit

Bubbles. Not only are they great dancers and stylers, they also have mastered blowing bubbles and getting inside them.

Super Toys Edit

Disco ball. As you have read, they love a good dance party!

Favorites: Edit

Dance Contest- They earn you a few extra points when you get combos.

Bubbles- They love to blow bubbles.

Triva Edit

  • Purple Puffles are considered as great dancers!
  • Purple Puffles seem to have 'Larger' eyes
  • They are picky eaters, unlike the orange puffle
  • They usually replace the "Keeper of the Nightclub" in The Puffle Parties.
  • Referred to as "The Diva Puffles."
  • Their favorite snacks are Hummus and Pita.
  • Cadence owns Lolz, a purple puffle that loves to dance. 

Famous Purple PuffleEdit

  • Lolz-- Cadence's pet puffle
  • Pop-- Purple Elite Puffle


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