A box of Puffle O's, the typical puffle food.

10 puffles by pinkiejanice-d6xnp5r

Puffles are the furry little creatures that penguins keep as pets. They were first discovered at the Snow Forts on November 15, 2005. They come in a variety of colors. The first four original puffles are the Blue, Red, Pink, and Black puffles. As of May 30, 2013, puffle prices have been lowered from the original 800 coin price to the 400 coin price.


  • Non-members can only get two puffles: the blue puffle and the red puffle.
  • They appeared in the book The Jewel puffles.
  • All puffles, except the brown, red, rainbow, and orange puffles, are native to Club Penguin.
  • In May 2013, the price for puffles lowered from 800 coins to 400 coins.


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