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Puffle Roundup is a game accessible from the Pet Shop. It is one of the easiest games to collect coins from. It was created so penguins could roundup and collect puffles for the Pet Shop .

You use your cursor to lead the puffles to the pen. You have 120 seconds (Two Minutes) to roundup all 10 puffles.

Every puffle has a different sensitivity to the cursor. 

The list of sensitivity is (Least Sensitive to Most Sensitive)Edit

1.White Puffle

2.Blue Puffle

3.Yellow Puffle

4.Orange Puffle

5.Black Puffle

6.Purple Puffle

7.Red Puffle

8.Pink Puffle

9.Green Puffle

10.Brown Puffle


  • Puffle Roundup used to be in the Snow Forts, because puffles were spotted and caught there. It was moved to the Pet Shop.
  • It is based off the Snow Room in Penguin Chat 3.
  • This game has NO stamps.
  • It is the easiest game to earn coins in if you play it a lot.
  • It's a little bit harder to play on the app.
  • It is a very unpopular game, due to its length. But it is one of the easiest games to earn coins on.
  • The game is available on My Penguin app