Puffle launch

Puffle Launch is a game in the Pet Shop.

You launch your puffle around in cannons to collect Puffle Os and build a giant cannon.

The big cannon, once built, can be placed in your igloo and played from there.


  • All puffles, except the Rainbow Puffle, can play and have their own helmet.
  • There's an app for iPad, iPod touch, Kindle Fire, and iPhone. You can buy it for $0.99
  • Every 6 levels, there is a crab boss (Klepto) level.
  • It was first released in March 2011, but was first comfirmed in a parent e-mailed in February 2011.
  • The default puffle is Daredevil, a Red puffle.
  • There are three levels: Blue Sky (Non-Member), Soda Sunset (Member Only), and Box Dimention (Member Only)
  • The more Puffle-Os collect, the closer you get to building the "Epic Cannon," which unlocks 'Turbo Mode,' that's even harder than normal mode.
  • The App was released September 15, 2011.
  • There are two stamps for this game.
  • The App was easy on the iPad but hard on the iPhone, so it was taken off the app store.