Puffle Catalog (formerly Pet Furniture: Love Your Pet and Love Your Pet) is a catalog in the Pet Shop and Puffle Hotel Lobby which sells various puffle-related items. A new catalog comes out every year (though there hasn't been a new one since March 2012). In every issue of the catalog, there are puffle beds, feeding dishes, food and furniture that Puffles can play with. Mostly members can purchase from this catalog, but the puffle food items can be purchased by non-members just as well.

Release HistoryEdit


*January 2007
*May 11, 2007
*November 30, 2007


*May 23, 2008


*March 6, 2009
*April 2009


*February 12, 2010
*March 19, 2010


*March 8, 2011
*October 6, 2011


*March 15, 2012

Items: *Food and Food bowls:

  • Bunch of 5 carrots 20 coins, for all players
  • Bunch of 10 carrots 40 coins, for all players
  • Box of Puffle o's (25) 200 coins, for all players
  • Box of pizza (8 slices) 40 coins, for all players
  • 2 boxes of pizza (16 slices) 80 coins, for all players
  • 3 boxes of pizza (24 slices) 120 coins, for all players
  • Pack of bubblegum (10 pieces)50 coins, for all players
  • Box of cookies (20 cookies) 100 coins,for all players
  • Double dish, 80 coins, for members only
  • Water bottle 50 coins, for members only
  • 8 slices of cake 80 coins, for all players
  • 8 wedges of cheese 60 coins, for all players
  • 10 apples 40 coins for all players

*Beds and houses

  • Beds 250 coins each, all puffle colours, even grey one expect from rainbow *members only
  • Houses 500 coins each, All colours, even grey expect for rainbow, members only

*Hats, all 200 each members only:

  • Blue earmuffs
  • Pink bow
  • Mini squid lid
  • Sombrero
  • Pirate hat
  • Princess cap
  • Candy cane hat
  • Propeller cap
  • Tiara
  • Headphones
  • Gear hat
  • Jester hat
  • Crown

*Toys, all members only

  • Running wheel 200 coins
  • Puffle washer 450 coins
  • Salon chair 400 coins
  • Large scratching post 250 coins
  • Puffle igloo 400 coins
  • Puffle condo 280 coins (Sercet item, press the word toys to find)

*Super toys, all are for all players, all are 200 coins: (not igloo items)

  • Red puffle's cannon
  • Blue puffle's bouncy ball
  • Green puffle's propeller cap
  • Purple puffle's disco ball
  • Yellow puffle's director's chair and camera
  • Black puffle's hot sauce
  • White puffle's skate
  • Brown puffle's rocket
  • Pink puffle's trampoline
  • Orange puffle's wagon

Note: This is the items for 2013.The catalog may change in the future.



  • The Puffle Catalog is the only catalog in Club Penguin that still uses the original BUY button to purchase an item.
    • This button used to appear in every catalog, however, most of the catalogs in Club Penguin have been given new designs and no longer use the button.
  • It was moved to the Puffle Hotel Lobby on March 21, 2013. Small shops were opened in the room, as well, and when you click on them, the catalog opens up.