The Puffle Care Page on the Food Tab

The Puffle Care Screen appears when you click one of your puffles. This replaced the Puffle Care Card, and has more features.


Food- Of course, there's the food tab,where you give your puffles food, like Puffle-O's and cake, pizza, carrots, cookies, and gum.

Play- This tab shows all the toys you own (you can buy them from the puffle catalog in the bottom right when you are in the screen) and shows which toys your puffle can play with. (EX: The tab shows ice skates blanked out, but not a skateboard. The Black puffle can only use the skateboard.) This tab also shows everybody the leash, which you can drag and drop on your puffle to walk it.

Grooming- This tab shows two items. A brush, and a bath. The brush gives each puffle a different hair style, and each puffle plays in the bath a certain way. These both raise the grooming bar, but the brush raises it more.

Sleeping- This tab only has one item. Obviously, sleeping. It raises your puffle's energy bar. If you have puffle beds in your igloo, the screen will disappear and your puffle will go over to the bed to sleep. If you don't, the screen wills till disappear but the puffle will sleep on the floor.

Clothing- This tab shows all the Puffle Hats you own. Just drag and drop it onto your puffle to allow them to wear it.