Pink Puffle is a type of puffle. They are mostly known for their sportiness. When dancing, they will do a some warm-up stretches. They are also depicted as cheerful. They may be lighter than other puffles because they float when they eat Puffle Bubble. The Pink Elite Puffle is Loop. There are rumors that when the dark pink puffle will come out the pink puffle will be available to non-members and as well as members. Pink Puffles are known across the island for being excellent swimmers also, their fur is rumoured to be able to hold water. They were discovered along with the Black Puffle, Green Puffle, and the Blue puffle. They also are more popular with girl penguins, hence the pink fur. It was the 4th puffle to be discovered. Pink puffle is loves sport. Awesome!

While playing Aqua grabberEdit

They are really good in this game, why? They blow you a bubble if needed, or if not. this helps if you're in the middle of the sea and have no where to go. Other than that, it's fun to watch them swim.


  • It is one of the 12 Puffles in Club Penguin.
  • It is one of the 4 original puffles .
  • The Pink Puffle can play in the game, "Aqua Grabber".
  • The Pink Elite Puffle is Loop.
  • Their favorite food is Watermelon.
  • Their toys are the skipping rope and the trampoline.

The Pink Puffle Pin Pick up


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