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Full Name Penguin
Species Spheniscidae
Position Character
Clothes Items
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A Penguin is the usual owner of a puffle . They can buy their puffles from the Pet Shop for 400 coins (or when at Wilderness Expedition they could get a Brown Puffle for free, the Prehistoric Party 2014 when they could get a dinossaur puffles for free, the Frozen Party when they could get Snowman Puffles for free, the Rainbow Puffles can be adopted by puffle pros at the Cloud Forest and the Gold Puffles adopted for at least 10 coins). The responsibilities of owning puffles are:

  • Feeding
  • Bathing
  • Playing
  • Walking

If they do not do this, their puffles' will run away' after sending them a postcard notifing the penguin that their puffle(s) has returned to the wild, its natural habitat.