Orange puffles are a kind of puffle on Club Penguin. It is rumored that this puffle is the second to last kind of puffle it was the 9th Puffle. However, Club Penguin has proven the rainbow puffle as the 11th puffle and so this is not the second to last kind of puffle. They are very happy, friendly, and they love to eat anything and everything they can! They have buck teeth, and are usually smiling.

Hints before official releaseEdit

  • Ski Lodge: The orange puffle came out every 30 minutes (EG:, 00:00 and 00:30). The Orange Puffle temporarily replaced Fred in the cuckoo clock.
  • Box Dimension: A orange puffle came out every 15 minutes (EG:, 00:15, 00:30 and 00:45). At those specfic times a cardboard box floats by and a Orange Puffle pops out. It is covered in Styrofoam Packing Peanuts. This orange puffle is Plok.
  • Ski Village: It comes out when 10 or more Penguins are wearing the color of this puffle (orange). This puffle comes down on the Ski Lift and then finally goes back up the Mountain on the Ski Lift.
  • There is a famous puffle named Plok, the puffle in the Box Dimension.


  • They were discovered February 25th, 2010
  • They can be obtained through the Treasure Book or a toy in-stores.
  • They love to eat!
  • They are REALLY zany!
  • They are the only puffles to come from another dimension.
  • They have big buck teeth
  • They like to play with a green Monster Wagon (Monster Truck wagon)
  • There is no Elite Orange Puffle, along with the Brown Puffle, Gold Puffle and Rainbow Puffle.
  • They are said to be not too bright, due to their silly appearance.
  • It is possible that an Orange Puffle may be introduced to the Elite Puffles in the future.
  • A famous Orange Puffle is Plok.
  • Their favorite snacks are.... socks....
  • They can consume just about anything, and they aren't picky about it.
  • They are the only puffles who have buck teeth.
  • Some Orange Puffles can break the fourth wall.
  • It is rumored that they will be able to join you in playing Pizzatron 3000.
  • Orange puffle room for Puffle Party is Box Dimension.

Famous Orange PufflesEdit

  • Plok-- The famous orange puffle in the Box Dimention and "Nyan Puffle" video.
  • Pete-- PH's pet puffle.


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