The Keeper

The Keeper Of The Boiler Room.

The Keeper of the Boiler Room is a small Green Puffle, found bouncing on the top-right speaker of the Night Club. In the book, Truth or Dare, a Penguin named RodgerRodger was dared to stay in the Boiler Room. He discovered a Green Puffle, the rumored 'Keeper'. She now sits on the top-right speaker of the Night Club, dancing.


  • The Keeper of the Boiler Room moved to the Ice Rink in mid-July 2008 and hogged the puck all the time because the puck was temporarily glitched. The Keeper was holding the puck away from all Penguins so that the Club Penguin Moderators could fix it.
  • From March 4 to March 11, 2010, the Keeper of the Boiler Room went missing mysteriously along with the Keeper of the Stage, Rockhopper's Puffle (Yarr), and Aunt Arctic's Puffles. It was later revealed that these Puffles (and many more) had been trapped inside the Mine while Rory and other construction penguins were excavating the new tunnels. Later on the game Puffle Rescue was created in light of this.
  • At the Puffle Party 2012, the Keeper of the Boiler Room was replaced with a Purple Puffle.
  • During the Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam, the Keeper was replaced with Dubstep Puffle.
  • Beginning from December 6, 2012, the Keeper was updated to the new puffle design.


  • When a player gives a tour of the Night Club, it will say: She was gone for a short while recently...
  • However, the tour message calls her a female before it calls her a male.
  • The Keeper disappeared during the Puffle Party 2011 and was replaced by a Purple Puffle, but a Green Puffle appears on the Night Club Rooftop that has the same dance moves as The Keeper.
  • During April Fools Parties, the Keeper is replaced by a Black Puffle. Instead of dancing, the Black Puffle just sits there.
  • The Keeper has her own Card-Jitsu Power Card.
  • As of December 6th, 2012, the Keeper has been updated to the more modern puffle look.
  • She is scared of the dark.
  • In missions, in the corner closest to the Keeper of the Boiler Room, there is a green puffle bed, which is probably where the Keeper of the Boiler Room sleeps.
  • In "Club Penguin: Game Day" they call her the "Night Club Puffle".
  • Penguins used to go behind the stereo where the Keeper was and voice her. This was even used once in a comic. However, when the Night Club was remodeled, she moved to the speaker that leads to the Boiler Room. This makes it impossible to do the gag anymore.
  • Many penguins were confused when she was changed to the new design.
  • If you scroll the mouse over the Keeper, she will do a back flip.

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