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Puffles are small, furry creatures, some native to the wilds of Club Penguin. There are different personalities depending on the colour. There are eleven colors so far. They are:

Red Puffle ( The Daredevils)

Orange Puffle (The Eaters)

Yellow Puffle (The Artists)

Green Puffle ( The Goofy Flyers)

Blue Puffle (The Friendly Ones)

Purple Puffle (The Dancers)

Pink Puffle (The Athletes)

Black Puffle (The Skaters)

White Puffle (The Shy, Ninjas)

Brown Puffle (The Inventors)

Rainbow Puffle (The Confident, Magical Ones)

They all have different personalities.

Red is Adventurous and Extreme.

Orange is Zany and Random.

Yellow is Artistic and Creative.

Green is Silly and Clownish.

Blue is Loyal and Easy (to take care of).

Purple is Diva (a fashion fan and a picky eater).

Pink is Athletic and Cheerful.

Black is Intense.

White is Shy and Small.

Brown is Inventive and Clever.

The personality of Rainbow Puffle is still unknown Also there are some Special Puffles too

They all have different toys that they play with. They each have their own normal toys and super toys.

There are also special puffles like the Elite Puffles.

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