Flare paper

Flare in Club Penguin

Flare is a special puffle who works in the EPF with a secret agent. He can be available by using the code in the game, Herbert's Revenge and getting a whistle. The, you can call him anytime. He can create a blue flame, and he is good at welding things together, and fixing them.


  • He has a blue flame.
  • He can be called with the Puffle Whistle.
  • He used to be a bait item before the EPF.
  • He doesn't eat or run away like a normal puffle would when you walk him.
  • He is one of the puffles who haven't been updated to the new puffle look yet.
  • He is the most famous EPF puffle.
  • In one of the missions in Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge, he helps you fix the vault in the Gift Shop, earning you a snake token.


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