Darwin the blue Triceratops puffle

Darwin is a  Dinosaur Puffle that Gary adopted in January 2014. He was first seen in-game with Gary during the Prehistoric Party 2014. Darwin is a blue triceratops Puffle.


  • There was a penguin poll for choosing the puffle's name. The names available were Archimedes (Archie), Marsh, Darwin and Pi, all of them scientifically themed.
  • In all languages, there was substitution of the other names to another scientists and inventors. In Portuguese, Marsh was replaced by Thomas and Pi was replaced by Tesla. In German, Marsh was replaced by Albert. In Spanish, Marsh was replaced by Edison (Ed, Edi). And in French, Marsh was replaced by Watt. This way if Marsh was chosen, the puffle will have a different name in each language, and if the chosen was Pi, it would have a different name in Portuguese only.
  • Darwin is named after Charles Darwin, a famous naturalist and geologist who created the Theory of Evolution and Natural Selection, among other ideas.
  • Many penguins believe that Darwin wasn't able to find Treasure. This was proven false, due to an exclusive meeting with Gary, and the fact that some penguins spotted Darwin digging Treasure!.
  • Darwin's leash is floating. This is because Darwin is a normal puffle instead of an item like Lolz and Yarr, and the leash connects to where a penguin would hold their puffle normally. He shares this trait with Pete.
  • In Issue #433 of the Club Penguin TimesGary accidentally refers to him as Archie.



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