The Brown Puffle was found in the Puffle Cave during the Wilderness Expedition in January 2011. It loves inventing, and wears goggles as a safety precaution, and is also afraid of balloons. The Brown Puffles are on sale at the Pet Shop for 400 coins, even if you had gotten the Puffle during the Wilderness Expedition, you would have gotten it for the same price. It is highly possible that there could be an Elite brown puffle next year. The brown puffle became a normal puffle in the Puffle Catalog since the Puffle Party 2011

Runz away

The Postcard when a Brown Puffle leaves you.

It was the 10th puffle to be discovered.

Out Game Edit

In Puffle launch the brown Puffle wears a blue and yellow striped helmet and red rimmed goggles with brown elastic.

Toys Edit

Static electricity ball. They have been known to have built the first one.

Super Toys Edit

Rocket Ship. It invented it itself, with an added crash helmet.

Favourite place(s) Edit

Dance Lounge


  • Many Penguins believed that this was the Puffle for Gary.
  • A Brown Puffle built the lift to the Danceclub Rooftop.
  • They built ALL the machines in the Wilderness Exhibition.
  • They have graph paper backgrounds in their dreams.
  • They blink more then any other Puffle!
  • There may be a brown Elite Puffle in the future.
  • They are one of four puffles that aren't native to Club Penguin Island. The others being The Red Puffle (Rockhopper Island), The Orange Puffle (The Box Dimention), and The Rainbow Puffle (Cloud Forest).
  • Their favorite snack is Astronaut Ice Cream!
  • The Great Pufflini is currently the only famous brown puffle, and he stars in the Great Puffle Circus.
  • The Brown puffle is afraid of balloons.
  • Brown puffle is the smartest puffle
  • Brown puffle room at Puffle Party is Dance Lounge


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