Blue pufflesEdit

Blue Puffles are the most loyal and friendly type of puffles. They are the most iconic puffle in Club Penguin, being a representative of their species and also being the most commonly adopted puffle, being available to non-members. They were first discovered at the Ice Rinkand they were one of the four original puffles. The blue Elite Puffle is named Bouncer and she has a very good aim at throwing snowballs. They were the first non-member puffle, and because of that, they are very easy to take care of and don't have any special needs or eccentric actions. The Blue Puffle was the first puffle on Club Penguin. Like the whiteorange and brown puffles, the Blue Puffle doesn't have a certain game it can play, but really this puffle should be able to play in all games, because just like the Blue Team, these puffles are always ready for anything. However, it may receive a favorite game in the future.


Blue Puffles were the first puffles in Club Penguin. These puffles are one of the four original puffles to be discovered in Club Penguin. They were first spotted on some places in November 2005, including at Town. They were available for all penguins to adopt on March 17, 2006.


  • They don't have a special game that they can play, yet.
  • They are one of the four original puffles on Club Penguin.
  • There are 2 famous blue puffles.
  • It is one of two puffles non-members can buy. The other being the Red Puffle
  • Their favorite snacks are Pretzels.
  • During the Star Wars Takeover, R2-D2 is blue (or in the sneak peek, purple)

Famous Blue PufflesEdit

  • Bouncer- The Elite Puffle who's aim with throwing snowballs is practically perfect. She wears a pink hat and juggles the snowballs on her head.
  • Destructo- The blue puffle who appeared in Secret Mission #9, and sticks his owner, his owner's friend, and the friend's puffle as well as himself together with Puffle Gum.