Puffle blue


The Blue Puffle is a loyal and friendly type of puffle. They, along with the green, red, black, and pink puffles, were one of the original puffles discovered on Club Penguin.



  • They do not have a special game they can play yet, besides Pufflescape and Puffle Launch.
  • Blue puffles are one of the original 4 puffles on Club Penguin.
  • There are 3 famous Blue Puffles.
  • It is one of two of the only puffles that a Non-Member can buy. The other being the Red Puffle.
  • Their favorite snacks are Pretzels.
  •  There is a similar wild puffle, Dinosaur_Puffles.
  • Blue Puffles seem to have a common interest in round objects such as beach balls, exercise balls, snowballs, etc.
  • Its favourite puffle hat is the Sombero.
  • One is seen on the Join Team Blue postcard and Go Blue Background.
  • Its the only puffle to have its emoticon
  • There used to be one in Ice Fishing before they discovered that the pink ones like swimming more than the blue ones. So they went and replaced it with a pink one instead.


  • Plays around with a beach ball.

Super PlayEdit

  • Holds a ball in its head.

Famous Blue PufflesEdit

She wears a beanie and throws snowballs.
  • Destructo: A blue puffle that appears in Secret Mission #9
He loves to chew gum.
  • Fluffy: A silly little blue puffle that appears in 2 Club Penguin comics
He thinks that a hat is food!!
  • ElanorMae: Aunt Arcic's blue puffle
She once tried to help Aunt Arctic write the Ask Aunt Arctic collumn.

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